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I have a long term house musician gig at Bar Harbor, on Gull Lake, Lakeshore, MN and need my guitars performing at top condition at all times. I am extremely fussy with my guitars and Mike at MikeTech is my only 'go to' guy. I have three separate cases to share with you:

  1. My first job for Mike was a partial refret on a vintage Gretsch. I was amazed. I couldn't tell where the new frets ended and the other frets started.
  2. Second job was a complete refret on an old Harmony Jag style electric with a bound neck. Totally flawless and plays like a dream!
  3. Third job was on a custom made Carvin CT-6 which is one of their top line instruments. It is a dual humbucker guitar with a premium figured curly maple top, a gorgeous and expensive instrument. I wanted more tonal options so I bought a Carvin single coil pickup and had Mike do a center position route and install along with added electronics to make it all happen. READ: Mike had to do a route on a FINISHED guitar which is no easy task; not many techs would even think of tackling a project like this one! The results were absolutely flawless and STUNNING in both looks and sound! (See before and after photos) It looks even better than a factory job and since Carvin doesn't offer that guitar in an HSH configuration, he's been getting inquiries from other CT owners that want it done. Mike is a world class guitar tech and I trust his expertise in ALL of my tech work; a true and rare craftsman.

-- Kevin Klimek/ABM Productions